Exodus from Rome, Volume 1 – Brit-Hadashah Ministries




Written by a former Roman Catholic of eighteen years and former candidate for the Roman
Catholic priesthood, Dr. Todd Baker objectively and honestly examines the grandiose
claims of the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church in the critical light of Scripture and
the evidence of history to show where Rome has greatly erred. This multi- volume work
provides a controversial overview on the basic doctrines distinctive of Roman Catholicism so
the open Catholic can learn how these beliefs, practices, and traditions of Rome contradict
Scripture and do not have the support of a consistent, uniform history from the days of
Jesus, the apostles, and the first three centuries of the early church and on. With over 1
billion adherents to the Roman Catholic Church, it is incumbent for the Bible believer to
know the difference between the real Gospel of Scripture versus the Gospel of Rome and
how they are not one and the same Gospel in the end. In a day of man-pleasing, ecumenical
compromise with Rome, this book is sorely needed to remind the Protestant church that the
real differences between Rome and the Bible have not changed since the Reformation, and
must be reiterated and defended today on the exclusive ground of Scripture alone being the
supreme authority in faith and practice for every Christian believer!