Matthew 13 and the prophetic parables about the present age – Brit-Hadashah Ministries


The contents of this book were originally published in our newsletter beginning back in 2004. The final article was published in 2011. Now you can read it all in one book.

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Matthew chapter 13 is one of the more important chapters in all of Scripture. Not to say God’s word is more important in one part than another; every part is important! Nevertheless, this pivotal chapter in Matthew’s Gospel is key to correctly understanding the specific time frame for the Second Coming and establishment of Messiah’s Kingdom on earth and how the course of the present age will unfold and progress from the first coming of Christ until His return. The eight parables of Matthew 13 denoting the mystery form of the kingdom of heaven in the present age are to be studied and properly interpreted if the Christian disciple is to even begin to understand what our Lord means when speaking all the other parables after the introductory parable of the sower and the seed. Failure to properly understand these parables of Matthew 13 results in a failure to understand all the rest of the parables Jesus spoke after them as He so indicated in Luke 4:13. Therefore it behooves every Bible-believing Christian to take serious study of the unfolding prophetic events of the present age as symbolized in the eight parables of Matthew 13. This simple exposition is a humble effort to help the Bible student and reader gain a better appreciation and understanding of this chapter as it pertains to those living in the present age as these prophetic parables are unfolding and being fulfilled right before our very eyes!

The Spanish version of this book will be available at a later date.