The Eclipse of Evil – Brit-Hadashah Ministries


A great book for tough times.

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Suffering and pain affect every human being. They are the results of evil in our world. The problem of evil is something both Christian and non-Christian must face and answer. How do we deal with such unpleasant realities?

If there is an all-powerful, all-loving, perfectly good God, why is there so much evil? This book honestly grapples with these and other fundamental questions that are related to the problem of evil and the existence of God.

The existence of evil is the chief argument traditionally used against the God of the Bible. The author argues the opposite: that the existence of evil actually justifies the argument for the existence of the God of Christianity. The answer proposed in this book is not one of theory and hypothesis alone, but comes from the historical life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through a combined theodicy (defending the justice of God for allowing evil) of the cross and resurrection, the case for the Christian faith is reasonably presented and defended.