Eight succinct scriptural reasons why Christians should support Israel

  1. God will bless those that bless them and curse those that curse them (Gen 12:3).
  2. Spiritually indebted because of spiritual riches
  3. Our Lord and Savior is Jewish
  4. God has chosen them for a special purpose.
  5. Salvation came from the Jews
  6. God chose Israel
  7. Israel was created supernaturally with Sarah's pregnancy.
  8. The gospel should go to the Jew first (Rom 1:16).

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Thoughts on the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ

The New Testament Greek word for the Day of Preparation is παρασκευή which is the word for "Friday." This is used in: Matt. 27:62, Mark 15:42, Luke 23:54, John 19:14; 19:31; 19:42. Also, the counting of a partial day (the "onah") requires Friday to make 3 days. This is also shown in the book of Esther. There is no question that…

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Exodus 12: Christ our Passover Lamb

A Biblical "type" prefigures an event or person that hasn't happened yet. Similarities:

  1. Everyone had to have a lamb for salvation,
  2. Requirement for a spotless lamb,
  3. Lamb was to be a young male
  4. 4-days given to examine the lamb,
  5. Had to be slain in public,
  6. None of the bones should be broken,
  7. Blood shed is confirmation of salvation granted.
Gesture sprinkling the blood on the door makes…

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