Video: En Kerem, birthplace of John the Baptist

August Rosado & Dr. Todd Baker teach at En Kerem, known as "Spring of the Vinyard, is the traditional birthplace of John the Baptist, or his Hebrew name, "Yochannan Ha-Mcbiel". It's an ancient village in the Jerusalem district SW of the holy city. The early church father Theodosius in 530 A.D said this was John's birthplace where Mary came to visit her cousin Elizabeth. He…

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Video: Teaching on the Mt of Beatitudes In The Galilee

August Rosado and Dr. Todd Baker teach from the Mt. of Beatitudes near the Sea of Galilee in Israel. The Beatitudes are recorded in Matthew chapters 5-7. August & Todd show that these Beatitudes should be the norm in the believer's life now, but will be the character in the Kingdom to come.

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Rapture & Resurrection Videos


From the Scofield Bible Institute, a discussion of the Rapture and resurrection of the church.

Theology in Perspective: The Bible teaching ministry of Dr. Daniel E. Woodhead.


Dr. Todd Baker, Dr. Daniel E. Woodhead, and Dr. Gary Fisher

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