10 reasons why Christians should support Israel

From the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem https://www.icej.org/understand-israel/biblical-teachings/ten-reasons-to-support-israel/

  1. God Loves Israel
  2. God is a covenant-keeping god--He gave the land to them.  God always keeps his covenant promises forever
  3. God makes His name holy (Ez. 36:16-21)
  4. Israel is key to future blessing of the Church (Rom 11:12,15)
  5. We owe it to the Jews
  6. Our roots are in Israel (Rom 11:
  7. Now is the right time to do it…

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Eight succinct scriptural reasons why Christians should support Israel

  1. God will bless those that bless them and curse those that curse them (Gen 12:3).
  2. Spiritually indebted because of spiritual riches
  3. Our Lord and Savior is Jewish
  4. God has chosen them for a special purpose.
  5. Salvation came from the Jews
  6. God chose Israel
  7. Israel was created supernaturally with Sarah's pregnancy.
  8. The gospel should go to the Jew first (Rom 1:16).

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