Eleven Messianic Prophecies that Confirm the Messiahship of Jesus

Eleven Key Messianic Prophecies that Confirm the Messiahship of Jesus by Historic Fulfillment That Were Also Viewed as Messianic by the Ancient and Medieval Jewish Rabbis.

The purpose for this teaching is to show both unbelieving secular and religious Jews that these Messianic prophecies were not given a Messianic interpretation from the outset by the Church in a theological vacuum, but were also held to be…

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The Temple Mount Tempest

The Temple Mount (Har haBáyit in Hebrew) in Jerusalem where the two Temples of the God of Israel stood, and where the present Islamic Mosque, the Golden Dome of the Rock, now stands, is arguably the most valuable piece of real estate in the entire world. It is currently a point of intense conflict between the Jewish State of Israel and the Arab/Muslim world. The…

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Israel and the Church

This topic is one of the more controversial in the Church today, and it has significant implications regarding the way we interpret Scripture, especially in regard to the end times. More importantly, it has great significance in that it affects the way we understand the very nature and character of God Himself. Romans 11:16-36 records the illustration of the olive tree. This passage speaks of Israel the (“natural” branches)…

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The Mosaic Law, Sabbath

Concerning the Sabbath, God gave the Sabbath to Israel alone as a sign and seal of the

Old Covenant (see Ezekiel 20:20). The Sabbath was part of the Mosaic Law and has been

fulfilled and done away in Christ (Romans 6:14). Since Jesus fulfilled the type and

shadow of the Sabbath true rest for the believer under the New Covenant is found in Him

alone, not on the seventh…

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